PC measurement technology - the use of the PC (Windows) for...

PC measurement technology

The use of the PC (Windows) for measurement purposes enables powerful and cost-effective instrumentation for test, control and logging tasks.

Our offer includes hardware solutions for data acquisition with measuring cards for PCI, PCIe and PCMCIA slots for installation in PCs, measuring adapters and dataloggers for connection to the USB interface as well as data acquisition front-ends with Ethernet (TCP / IP) LAN interface.

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Showing 1-8 of 8 item(s)

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Cheap USB measurement technology (USB-AD16f)

  • can be easily connected.
  • 16 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs,
  • Measurement range of ±10V, ±5V, ±1V, of ±2V,
  • Sampling rate of 250kHz,
  • 4 digital inputs / outputs, each
  • NextView 4.5 live! free of charge in the scope of delivery,

    Cheap LAN measurement (LAN-AD16f)

    • easy network integration (TCP/IP Protocol).
    • 16 analog inputs (16-bit) and 2 analog outputs (16-bit),
    • Measurement range of ±10V, ±5V, ±1V, of ±2V,
    • High sampling rate (250kHz),
    • 16 digital inputs / outputs, each
    • Integrator 19-bit counter (Quadraturdekoder),

      MV Compact amplifier series

      • up to 32 conditioned analog input with galvanic isolation,
      • Inputs with selectable jacks,
      • Power supply 9... 36V,
      • easily replaceable inserts with 8 channels,
      • almost any can

        NextView version 4.6 for Windows

        • 100 Hz "On-Line" display,
        • scalable (formatted) digital volt meter,
        • analog "level indicator",
        • Slider control the analog outputs,
        • clear operation via menu,
        • supports measurement boards and measuring adapter from BMCM,
        • complete recording beyond the file,
        • BASIC-like script language (opt.)

          Backplanes & modules in 5 B technology

          • for modules 5B standard,
          • ideal for HutschineNmontage,.
          • 2 - and 8-channel units
          • integrated power supply for 9... 30 VDC power supply voltage,
          • Integrated terminals,
          • Slot for power shunt,
          • Slot for cold-junction compensation