Compact.PC measuring machine with accessories

Compact.PC measuring machine with accessories

  • 1.6 GHz Intel PentiumM processor,.
  • small, robust and shock dampened,
  • 16 analog channels,
  • 2 synchronous CAN interfaces,
  • 8 5B-Messverstärker,
  • NextView® 4

The Compact.PC measuring machine, developed by Dr. Schetter BMC IGmbH in Puchheim near Munich, is with its 1.6 GHz Intel PentiumM processor speziell für die hohen Anforderungen bei schnellen Messdatenerfassungsaufgaben ausgelegt. Er repräsentiert damit eine bisher nicht vorhandene Klasse von Messrechnern.
This high-performance Windows® XP - computer in a 3U 19 is small, rugged and shock dampened "cartridge installed. Especially for mobile measurement work, he offers a new beneficial solution. This is true also for the remote monitoring of equipment and processes, test benches, buildings, energy production facilities and similar. 
The compact PC works completely self-sufficient as a quick PC measuring station: also from network failures or non, not a single measured value is lost. The device has a free PCI slot, which is equipped for example with a high-performance data acquisition card with 16 analog channels and two synchronous CAN interfaces. Two bays for eight 5B-Messverstärker ensure the signal processing. 
Is operated either via the network with a laptop or directly on the device via a connected monitor and keyboard. The compact PC comes with DASYLab or NextView4 geliefert. 
This very easy to use stand alone device integrates all the components of a data acquisition system: sensor connection, signal processing (5B), a data acquisition card, software and a complete Windows® XP machine. 
The compact measuring systems are ideal for use in test benches, in cars, agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, aircraft, ship and railway. 


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