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BMC Solutions GmbH provides high quality products for the measurement and automation technology market. The company has unveiled its first industrial measuring system in 1988 with the MC-32, followed by further developments of data loggers, PC measuring cards, measurement software and special applications.

Meanwhile BMC solutions GmbH has concentrated its offer to the following business fields: PC data acquisition, industrial PC systems, data logger

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Showing 1-8 of 8 item(s)

Cheap USB measurement technology (USB-AD16f)

  • can be easily connected.
  • 16 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs,
  • Measurement range of ±10V, ±5V, ±1V, of ±2V,
  • Sampling rate of 250kHz,
  • 4 digital inputs / outputs, each
  • NextView 4.5 live! free of charge in the scope of delivery,

    Cheap LAN measurement (LAN-AD16f)

    • easy network integration (TCP/IP Protocol).
    • 16 analog inputs (16-bit) and 2 analog outputs (16-bit),
    • Measurement range of ±10V, ±5V, ±1V, of ±2V,
    • High sampling rate (250kHz),
    • 16 digital inputs / outputs, each
    • Integrator 19-bit counter (Quadraturdekoder),

      MV Compact amplifier series

      • up to 32 conditioned analog input with galvanic isolation,
      • Inputs with selectable jacks,
      • Power supply 9... 36V,
      • easily replaceable inserts with 8 channels,
      • almost any can

        NextView version 4.6 for Windows

        • 100 Hz "On-Line" display,
        • scalable (formatted) digital volt meter,
        • analog "level indicator",
        • Slider control the analog outputs,
        • clear operation via menu,
        • supports measurement boards and measuring adapter from BMCM,
        • complete recording beyond the file,
        • BASIC-like script language (opt.)

          Backplanes & modules in 5 B technology

          • for modules 5B standard,
          • ideal for HutschineNmontage,.
          • 2 - and 8-channel units
          • integrated power supply for 9... 30 VDC power supply voltage,
          • Integrated terminals,
          • Slot for power shunt,
          • Slot for cold-junction compensation