Cheap USB measurement technology (USB-AD16f)

Cheap USB measurement technology (USB-AD16f)

  • can be easily connected.
  • 16 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs,
  • Measurement range of ±10V, ±5V, ±1V, of ±2V,
  • Sampling rate of 250kHz,
  • 4 digital inputs / outputs, each
  • NextView 4.5 live! free of charge in the scope of delivery,

USB AD16f model has 16 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs at 16-bit resolution, allowing even the smallest changes of signal capture. For an optimum signal detection range can be set software of ±10V, ±5V, ±1V of ±2V. 
with a sampling rate of 250 kHz USB-AD16f model is ideally suited for dynamic applications. The galvanic separation of analogue inputs, measuring system and PC are optimally protected. 
to the control and acquisition of digital States are 4 digital inputs / outputs are available. With an additional counter input, you can perform, for example, pulse measurements. USB typical features such as hot-pluggable (devices in operation can be connected), multiple devices can be used, plug & play, as well as the power supply through the USB interface are doing of course. As free accessories including a USB driver and an ActiveX control LibadX to the hardware is supplied for Windows® independent programming. 
it also can be the USB AD16f in Windows® together with the modern datalogging and processing software NextView® 4.5 use. This is in different versions (Professional, Lite, analysis, client/server, etc.) available. The Version NextView® 4.5 demo is free of charge in the scope of supply included or can be downloaded in the download area.


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