Backplanes & modules in 5 B technology

Backplanes & modules in 5 B technology

  • for modules 5B standard,
  • ideal for HutschineNmontage,.
  • 2 - and 8-channel units
  • integrated power supply for 9... 30 VDC power supply voltage,
  • Integrated terminals,
  • Slot for power shunt,
  • Slot for cold-junction compensation

The "backplane" models AP2 and wp8 bmc are designed for use in control cabinets. Together with amplifiers 5B standard they allow a potential-free measuring and conditioning of almost all metrics. Input terminals simplify connecting cables and the built-in switching power supply 9... 30 VDC supply voltage ensures an optimal compatibility with existing systems. A rich assortment of 5B amplifier modules for different measured variables and measuring ranges are available from BMC meßsysteme GmbH. "Leader" among the 5B amplifier modules is universalverstärker model MA-UNI  , the configured measurements for voltage, current, resistance, PT-100 and DMS can be used.


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