5B universal measuring amplifier MA-UNI

5B universal measuring amplifier MA-UNI

  • 5B standard,
  • galvanic separation,
  • 4 measurement ranges,
  • Carrier frequency source,
  • 3 selectable low-pass filter,
  • ± 2.5 V bridge supply,
  • measures U, I, R, PT-100, DMS...

The universal amplifier modules are low-cost and versatile modules in 5 B technology models University of MA and MA-U/I by BMC meßsysteme GmbH. You are in all 5B Backplanes can be used and can ideally be combined with systems MC-COMPACTand MV COMPACT. The universal amplifier model MA-UNI, can be used for potential-free measurement of voltage, current, resistance, PT-100 and DMS. A source for the sensor power supply or excitation and a carrier frequency make compatible generator for inductive sensor this module to virtually all common sensors. The model MA-U/I only has voltage and current measuring ranges, features for a more powerful sensor power supply ± 12 V ± 30 mA.


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