NextView version 4.6 for Windows

NextView version 4.6 for Windows

  • 100 Hz "On-Line" display,
  • scalable (formatted) digital volt meter,
  • analog "level indicator",
  • Slider control the analog outputs,
  • clear operation via menu,
  • supports measurement boards and measuring adapter from BMCM,
  • complete recording beyond the file,
  • BASIC-like script language (opt.)

NextViewNT® is by BMC meßsysteme GmbH immediately in the new, completely revised Rev. 4.6 available. The clear, easy to use user interface is been improved and complemented with a number of practical details. Thanks to "Script", individual applications in a scripting language are possible extension (opt.). Instruction set similar to the BASIC allowed a considerable degree of automation. Thus, our "de-facto" standard for PC is equipped-based data acquisition and analysis with all the tools for faster and more comfortable work. NextView V. 4.6 supports all PCI - and PCIe - measurement boards, as well as the USB measuring adapter und LAN measurement adapter und läuft auch unter Windows 7 64 Bit.


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BMC_NextView_4. 6_Datasheet

BMC_NextView_4. 6_Datasheet

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