Cheap LAN measurement (LAN-AD16f)

Cheap LAN measurement (LAN-AD16f)

  • easy network integration (TCP/IP Protocol).
  • 16 analog inputs (16-bit) and 2 analog outputs (16-bit),
  • Measurement range of ±10V, ±5V, ±1V, of ±2V,
  • High sampling rate (250kHz),
  • 16 digital inputs / outputs, each
  • Integrator 19-bit counter (Quadraturdekoder),

The model of LAN-AD16f has 16 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs at 16-bit resolution, so that even the smallest changes of signal capture. For an optimum signal detection range can be adjusted from ±2V, ±10V, ±5V, ±1V software for each channel. Multiple LAN AD16f can devices on the network with the measuring and evaluation software NextView®  4.5 zeitsynchron eine Messung durchführen. Dabei wird mit Hilfe des eingestellten NTP Servers die Frequenz des Abtasttakts geregelt. Die Technologie des LAN-AD16f ermöglicht Messungen über extrem grosse Distanzen. 
16 digital inputs are available for control and acquisition of digital States / or outputs are available. For example, incremental encoders (incremental encoder) can be connected to the auxiliary input of the meter. Broad support is the measurement system of Windows® 7/XP as well as Mac OS X, free BSD and Linux. All the software for the installation and programming of LAN AD16f is included for free. 
Of course, the LAN-AD16f under Windows® can be combined with the modern datalogging and processing software NextView®  4.5 verwenden.


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