Precision sound level meter-LD-SoundExpert LxT

Precision sound level meter-LD-SoundExpert LxT

  • Integrating precision sound level meter of class 1,
  • Octave and octave bands
  • 2 GB of internal, nonvolatile memory,
  • Data recording with selectable parameters and adjustable sampling rate,
  • Measurement history serves as a second additional data logger next to the time course of the reading,
  • LCD and LED-backlit display,
  • USB communication
  • With METAS, PTB approval class 1
basic data
Averaging (integration method) Linear or exponential
RMS-term review Slow, fast or pulse
RMS Frequency A, C or Z
Peak Frequency A, C or Z
sampling rate 51,200 Hz
Peak rise time ≤30 µs
Field level error (OBA) ≤± 0.1 dB
conformity ANSI Type 1, IEC Class 1
areas Single of the broadband, two areas for OBA
Max. Time deviation at 25 ° C <2.6 s per day
Octave and Terzbandfilter
Octave Band Filters 8 ... 16,000 Hz
Terzbandfilter 6.3 ... 20,000 Hz
Filter selection Without octave filter, third octave filters or octave and third octave filters
frequency A, C or Z (unweighted)
Maximum spectrum Maximum in each band or broadband L max
conformity ANSI Type 1, IEC Class 1
Recording and measurement history
recording time 1 s ... 24 h
Recorded parameters eq , L max , L min , LC Seq  - LA Seq , LA leq  - La eq , 
octave band OBA L eq , L max , L min , 
Terzband OBA L eq , L max , L min , LA FTm5 , 
battery voltage, internal temperature
Duration of the measurement history (contin. Berieb) 1 min ... 24 h
Parameters of measurement history eq , L min  with time, L max  with time, L peak  with time-out timer with duration, LA eq , LC eq , 
octave band OBA L eq , L max , L min , 
Terzband OBA L eq , L max , L min
Urban planning Noise
measured parameters LDEN, LDN
Day, evening, night Programmable
Evening and night penalty Programmable
Time-averaged values ??of the integration time
minimum 1 s
Maximum (error / lt; 0.5 dB) <23 days
In percentiles
Number of custom Ln 6
In resolution 0.01%
Resolution of the distribution table 0.1 dB
Marker for different types of noise
Number of markers 10
predefined marker 5
Measuring modes
existing modes Manual stop, timed stop, stop if stable, continuous, single-block timing, daily block timing
manual stop Defined measurement operation / stop button
Timed stop Time in hh: mm: ss
Stop if stable Change <xx, x dB for hh: mm: ss
continuous Auto. File storage 
1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, 12x, 24x, 48x, 96x, 144x per day
Single block timing Start: date and time, end date and time
Day Block Timing Up to 3 blocks with each start and end dates, 
blocks the dateline may exceed
AC / DC output
connection 2.5 mm stereo
AC output - maximum voltage ± 2.3 V pk
AC output - Recommended load ?16 ?
DC output - Resolution 10 mV / dB (0 ... 100 dB)
DC output - term review Follows the adjustment of the sound level meter (F, S, I)
DC output - Frequency Follows the adjustment of the sound level meter (A, C, Z)
Dynamic range (typical)
A rating 17 ... 118 dB
C-Rating 19 ... 118 dB
Z Review 24 ... 118 dB
power supply
batteries 4 AA (LR6) 1.5 V, lithium or alkali
External power supply 5 V via USB port
AC power supply PSA029 (worldwide)
12 V power supply (optional) PSA031 - 12 V DC  to 5 V DC
continuous operation Typically 18 h with alkaline batteries
continuous operation Typically 30 hours with lithium batteries
continuous operation Up to 19 days battery pack BAT015 (optional)
measures and weight
Length (complete) 29.2 cm
Length (housing of the measuring instrument) 23.4 cm
width 7,1 cm
depth 4,1 cm
Weight (including batteries) 471 grams
Weight (with batteries, microphone and preamplifier) 513 grams
Max. Cable length for preamplifier 61 m
protection IP54
temperature sensitivity ? ± 0.5 dB, -10 ... 50 ° C
storage temperature -30 ... 60 ° C
moisture sensitivity ? ± 0.5 dB, 30 ... 95% RH at 40 ° C
Sound Expert lxd - Standards
standards ANSI S1.4-1985 (R2001): specifications for Type 1 sound level meters 
ANSI S1.43-1997 (2002): Specifications for Integrating type 1 sound level meters 
ANSI S1.11-2004: Specifications for octave and third octave analog filter and digital filter, type 1 
IEC 61672-1: 2002: class 1 sound level meter 
IEC 61260: 2001: octave and Terzbandfilter, class 1 
IEC 60651: 2001: sound Level meter 
IEC 60804: 2000: Integrating sound level meters 
IEC 61010-1: 2001 Ed 2.0 : safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use, part 1: General requirements 
IEC 61326-1: 2005: electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use, EMC requirements 
CE directive 2004/108 / EC

included supply
PRMLxT1L Microphone Preamplifier (1)
377B02 Prepolarised free-field microphone capsule (1)
PSA029 Universal AC power supply (1)
CBL138 USB cable, 2 m (1)
batteries Alkaline batteries (AA) (4)
WS001 Windshield (90 mm), 1/2 "microphone (1)
LD-SoundExpert LxT

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