"On-Line" vibration monitor A3900 II

"On-Line" vibration monitor A3900 II

  • measures vibration velocity (10 Hz... 1 kHz),
  • measures vibration Acceleration (10 Hz... 1 kHz),
  • measures RMS (RMS) and peak (peak),
  • integrated sensor power supply, ICP®
  • adjustable 4.. 20 mA current loop (active or passive),.
  • programmable limit value (alert, alarm).
  • RS-232 serial interface

The 'On-Line' vibration monitor model A3900 II for DIN rail mounting is used in systems for permanent vibration monitoring. The integrated sensor power supply ICP® a trouble-free operation with high-quality sensors with integrated ICP® electrons provides electronic. The model A3900-II can be used speed measurement of vibration acceleration and Schwingge -. The appropriate level are displayed digitally on the spot and can be transferred via the integrated RS-232 interface to a computer. An adjustable power loop output (4... 20 mA, electrically isolated) guarantees compatibility with existing management and monitoring systems. Programmable alarm values and an integrated relay (250V/2A) allow independent monitoring operation.


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