Portable 4-channel vibration analyser A4404 SAB

Portable 4-channel vibration analyser A4404 SAB

  • Smaller and lighter, bags vibration Analyzer,
  • No batteries required (powered by the PC),
  • Memory size determined by the PC,
  • Ideal for on the go and to teach

Technical specifications



4 x AC, ICP® power on / from


4 x DC for process values


1 x TACHO RPM measurement / external trigger

Input range

AC +/-12 V peak peak


DC +/-24V

AD conversion

24-bit, 64-bit internal signal processing


Without the AutoGain function

Dynamic range, S / N

120 dB

Frequency ranges

Maximum range: 1 Hz - 90 kHz (1 ch, 194 kHz sampling)


Maximum range: 1 Hz - 25 kHz (4 ch, 64 kHz sampling)


Minimum range: 1 Hz - 25 Hz (4 ch, 64 Hz sampling)

Sampling mode

 Completely simultaneously for 4 channels

FFT resolution

min. 100 rows


Max 3 276 800 lines

Measurement modes

Analyzer - analytical measurements

  < pclass = "p1" > data collector - route measurements

Balancer - 1 and 2 aircraft on the ground balance


Recorder - raw signal recording for later post-processing (post-analysis)


Stethoscope - hearing of the warehouse / machine noise


FASIT - expert system for automatic error detection


Octave Analyzer - audible sound measurement


Bump test - measurement of natural frequencies


ADS - animated deflection forms (forms of action reversal)


Ultrasound - ULtraschallmessung in the range of 30-50 kHz


Depending on the computer off


Depending on the hard disk of the computer

Data processing

Real-time FFT




ACMT - low speed stock analysis


Order analysis


User-band-pass analysis


RPM measurement


DC measurement


Orbit measurement

Signal recording device

3 GB / hour memory consumption with 64 kHz sampling frequency measured on all 4 channels


Manual, external, signal level, time


Usage for signal recording trigger


Speed change, time interval


USB 3.0, 2.0 compatible

Temperature range

-10?C to + 50?C


USB powered


aluminum - heavy duty

Size & weight

110 x 115 x 35 mm, 350 g


Minimum PC requirements

CPU: Intel Atom 1.66 GHz




HDD: 160 GB


USB full speed 1.1 or 2.0

A4404 SAB

Specific References


Adash A4404 SAB data sheet.pdf

Product brochure

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