• ICP® shock acceleration sensor,
      • With electric and mechanical filter,
      • Measuring range 5,000 g,
      • Sensitivity 1 mV / g,
      • Frequency range 0.4 … 10,000 Hz,
      • 10-32 female connector above,
      • No longer available (replacement: PCB-(M)350C04)
      basic data
      sensitivity (±30%)1.0 mV / g0.10 mV/(m/s²)
      range±5. 000 g PK±49. 000 m/s² pk
      frequency range (± 1 dB)0.4 … 10,000 Hz
      Frequency range (-3 dB)0.2 … 25,000 Hz[4]
      corner frequency of the electrical filter (-3 dB)13,000 Hz[1] [2]
      Resonance frequency of the mechanical filter23,000 Hz[1] [3]
      resonance frequency≥ 100,000 Hz
      wide band resolution0.02 g RMS0.20 m/s² RMS[1]
      linearity≤ 2.0%
      Transverse acceleration sensitivity≤ 7%
      conditions of use
      Overload limit (shock)±50. 000 g PK±490. 000 m/s² pk
      Temperature range (operation)0 … 150 ° F-18 … 66 ° C
      temperature range (storage)-40 …200 °F-40 … 93 ° C
      strain sensitivity (footprint)0,002 g/µε0.02 (m/s²)/µε[1]
      technical characteristics
      Supply20 … 30 V DC
      constant power supply2 … 20 mA
      Output impedance≤200Ω
      Bias voltage8 … 14 V DC
      Discharging charging time constant1.0 … 2.0 s[1]
      settling time < br(auf Bias-Spannung ±10 %)>10s
      -physical Properties
      sensor elementceramic
      geometry of the sensor elementshear principle
      Housing materialtitanium
      sealinghermetically sealed
      size - hex0.375 in9.5 mm
      size - height1.02 in25.9 mm
      mass0.16 oz4.5 grams[1]
      Electrical connection10-32-coaxial socket
      connection positionabove
      mounting thread1/4 "-28-au" ßengewinde
      [2]second-order low-pass filter
      [3]the amplitude is increased in the resonance frequency by 9 dB.
      [4]the specified upper limit frequency is a guideline. The frequency response is limited by the combination of electric and mechanical low pass filter.
      [5]details: see PCBs Declaration of conformance PS023
      supplied accessoriesr
      ACS-14Hopkinson bar calibration for shock resistance-1
      ACS-22frequency response, traceable to NIST (100 Hz to ±1dB point)-1
      (M) metric mounting
      mounting threadM6 x 0.75 male
      (W) waterproof cable
      wiringIntegrated cable

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      Technical drawing

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      Operating instructions

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      Technical data sheet

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