Strobe A4950

      Strobe A4950

      • High performance LEDs with lens and reflector system,
      • Flashing 0.5 Hz - 500 Hz frequency range (30 RPM up to 30'000 RPM).
      • Flash frequency divider and multiplier,
      • Control the Flash duration,
      • Adjustable phase ± 180 °
      • Internal or external triggering,
      • Power supply for external laser tacho probe,
      • Trigger output for external device
      • Powered by 2 AA batteries,

      The hand-LED strobe model of a4950 by Adash is suitable for a wide range of applications in machine maintenance and maintenance. The stroboscope causes seem to stop periodic movements and rotations of parts of a machine, which allows a precise visualization. The stroboscope can determine the speed of a rotating shaft model A4950 and allowed measurements synchronized without having to reflective markings must be placed on the shaft. The device can be used also as a speedometer, by an external tacho probe is connected. The strobe model A4950 has three ultra-bright LEDs with optical system as the source of the flash light. The intuitive and simple operation of the device via the integrated 3-button keypad and the legible color graphic display. The power is supplied by two standard or Rechargeable AA batteries.


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