Strobe model HELIO STROB tripLED

Strobe model HELIO STROB tripLED

  • Strobe Helio Strob tripLED
  • Flash frequency up to 840 Hz (50'400 RPM)
  • intelligent one-button control
  • convenient touch panel control
  • high, constant brightness to 5'500 lux (50 cm)
  • Battery - and mains operation
  • "Slow Motion" function < / li>
  • "Software prescaler" adjustable < / li>
  • internal and external triggering
  • with TTL trigger output

Through latest LED and reflector technology, the light output of the new tripLED strobe is for the first time comparable to those of a conventional flash tube stroboscope. Extremely short pulses of Flash enable "related images" and the slowed-down observation of fast processes in "Slow-Motion" with constant brightness. Even the smallest parts are razor sharp pictured. Fast accurate and meaningful results are available thanks to the intuitive touch controls and a 'smart' one-button operation. The HELIO STROB tripLED is both quality control and vibration analysis, the speed measurement or when you set up your machines effectively used. Apart from the choice between the internal and external control of Flash sequence convinced the range of interesting additional functions. Induction and reflection donor can be directly connected to the stroboscope via the signal input. Using TTL output is possible synchronize of other devices.


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