Strobe model HELIO STROB master

Strobe model HELIO STROB master

  • High-power strobe light model Helio Strob master,
  • high, very constant brightness (dimmer),
  • razor-sharp pictures.
  • comfortable operation via Touchpanel,
  • internal and external triggering,
  • integrated frequency divider,
  • Phase shift & slow motion,
  • USB interface,.

The HELIO STROB master allows the observation of also fastest movements with the naked eye using extremely short flashes of light. It delivers pin-sharp pictures of seemingly related object: "Strobe effect". All settings can be made easily via the touch panel and an encoder. Faster movements like rotation or vibration analysis with the standard functions of "Slow-Motion" and "Position" (phase shift) you have tools that bring every detail in the right light. The fine dimmer function allows to adjust the light intensity and thus enables the observation of fatigue-free down to the smallest detail. In addition to the precise internal control of the Flash sequence are also the external triggering, as well as the Netztriggerung of choice. External pulses are possible up to a frequency of 8000 Hz processed ? the built-in divider makes BB´s. The processing of also variable gear ratios allows the adaptation to individual gear ratios. Allows direct communication with the PC ? all parameter can the serial link thus remotely and be read.


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