Stroboscopic series HELIO STROB

Stroboscopic series HELIO STROB

  • Models Alpha, beta, gamma,
  • Speed range 60.. 64'500 RPM,.
  • comfortable input via keyboard,
  • extremely precise phase shift,
  • two-line LCD display,.
  • programmable trigger threshold,
  • programmable hysteresis,
  • Settings can be stored,
  • integrated through ignition protection,
  • Master / slave operation of multiple devices,
  • customer-specific special models,
  • Option: UV LED model UV365

The model series HELIO-STROB High-performance strobe currently consists of four different models, so that an optimal selection of high end is ready devices to each individual problem position for you. Me a Flash rate of up to 1000 flashes / s this series is also an experienced Pro no wishes open. It doesn't matter whether you want to now watch the movement or deformation of high speed spindle, turbine or a speaker, the high Flash frequency at a same time exact triggering, makes visible even complex problems. In connection sharp images at breakneck speed to be a suitably fast and efficient high speed camera razor record.


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