LD-SoundTrack LxT

Precision sound level meter LD SoundTrack LxT

  • High ergonomics (operation with one hand possible),
  • 30 hours with AA lithium batteries,
  • Large, high-contrast display,
  • Real time-frequency analysis in octaves & thirds,
  • Compact and lightweight,.
  • Extremely robust,
  • Multilingual menu,
  • standards IEC 60651, IEC 60804, IEC 61260, IEC 61672,
  • With METAS, PTB approval class 1

Over the years, a wide variety of sound level and octave band instruments from Commissioner for Industrial Hygiene and Safety to monitor the noise were used in the workplace. Many of these devices require quite a long training period, which is why Larson Davis has placed on ease of use in the development of the sound level meter great importance.

The sound level meter SoundTrack LxT® was developed specifically for the special needs of those who deal with workplace noise measurements. The unit meets fully the IEC and ANSI standards for sound level meter class 1 and 2. Furthermore, are lxd files fully compatible with the measurement strategies according to ISO 9612: 2009 for work-related measurements.

Starting with its ergonomic design to its clear presentation of the data SoundTrack LxT® is the perfect device for fast, easy and accurate collection, analysis and presentation of environmental noise data. New and better ways to organize and commenting the acquired noise data save time and deliver better results.

basic data
term reviewSlow, Fast, Impulse. TWA, peak 
(peak has independently adjustable frequency weighting)
frequencyA, C & Z, octave, third (OBA with options)
with optional low-range preamp
with optional low-range preamp
measuring rangeA38 ... 140 dB SPL37 ... 140 dB SPL27 ... 118 dB SPL29 ... 121 dB SPL
C37 ... 140 dB SPL37 ... 140 dB SPL29 ... 118 dB SPL32 ... 121 dB SPL
Z42 ... 140 dB SPL42 ... 140 dB SPL34 ... 118 dB SPL36 ... 121 dB SPL
Max. Level140 dB SPL140 dB SPL118 dB SPL121 dB SPL
peak level143 dB SPL143 dB SPL121 dB SPL124 dB SPL
Recorded measured values ??(number)SPL, L eq , TWA (2), L min , L max , L peak , L peak  (max), dose (2), Proj. Dose (2), L ep , d, e, E8, E40, SEA, L n  (6), event counter (2 RMS, peak 3)
Data Storage / Communication
Flash data storageBy default, 2 GB
Communication with PCvia USB
Display / Keyboard
displayHigh contrast, black on white, 1.8 "VGA display with 160 x 240 pixels, 4 gray levels, white LED backlight
keyboardSilicone elastomer keypad ( "Quiet touch") with tactile feedback (tactile), 4 special function keys, context 3 menu buttons, navigation keys 5, on / off button
power supply
internally4 AA cells (AA), each 1.5 V 
alkaline, NiMH, or Lithium
External5 V DC  ± 5%, max. 500mA, USB powered
Battery lifeApproximately 22 h (alkaline cells), 30 h (lithium cells); depending on the application
Dimensions / Weight
Dimensions23.4 x 7.1 x 4.1 cm (L x W x T) 
29.2 cm in length with a preamplifier and microphone
mass471 g 
513 g with preamplifier and microphone
Environmental conditions
operating temperatur-10 ... 50 ° C
storage temperature-30 ... 60 ° C
humidityUp to 95% non-condensing
protection classIP 54
standards Conformance
ANSIS1.4-1985 (R 2001), S1.43-1997 (R 2002), S1.25-1991 (R 2007), S1.11-2004
IEC61672-2002, 60651-2001, 60804-2000, 61260-2001, 61252-2002
CEDirective 2004/108 / EC, IEC 61326-1: 2005
Options and accessories
Firmware Options
LXT-LOGReading Time History
LXT HSLOGFast data storage / time course (up to 100 ms)
LXT ENVMeasurement history (Intermittent)
LXT-CNStädtebaulicher noise, L dn  and L to
LXT DVADigital voice memo (voice recorder)
LXT OB1Real-time octave filter
LXT OB3Real-time octave and third octave filters
LXT-ACCAccessory Kit Type 1: Pelican carrying case, a class 1 calibrator CAL200, PC cable, power supply 230V, windscreen and SLM Utility-G3 software
LXT ACC1Accessory Kit Type 2: as above, with Class 2 Calibrator CAL150
LXT CCSPelican hard case
CAL150Microphone calibrator Class 2
CAL200Microphone calibrator class 1
SWW DNAAdvanced analysis software
SWW DNA LXTDNA device driver model SoundTrack lxd
SWW-BLAZE LXTEvaluation software for model SoundTrack lxd
Special lxd configurations
LXT1-QPRConfiguration for high sound pressure levels 
including 1/4 "microphone for measuring levels> 160 dB
LXT1-NFR-PK1Class 1 "Noise N'Forcer" kit for authorities, with portable printer
LXT2 NFR PK2Class 2 "Noise N'Forcer" kit for authorities, with portable printer

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