Noise dosimeter spark 705 / 705+

Noise dosimeter spark 705 / 705+

  • extremely light and compact
  • good mounting acceptance
  • without buttons, is completely via PC set
  • Long term registration takes place in the 1 MB memory
  • investigation of noise exposure at work
  • "covert" noise measurement
  • Software"Blaze"

The integrating noise dosimeter models are 705 & 705 + extremely compact and easy, which is why the devices are worn free of disability. The very good ball Akteptanz the staff allows it, detailed measurements of the noise exposure in the workplace to determine, and this for virtually all phases of the work and activities. The devices are used comfortably and invisibly hidden measurements. Regulatory compliance becomes more manageable, especially in the area of music event and in discotheques. The Windows software "Blaze allows "what if..." Scenarios to be expected. It the noise officer is easier to determine what phases of work with special noise protection measures are to demonstrate, and how certain activities reducing the noise should change. The devices are set completely from the PC or from the model 706RC (705 +). An unauthorized manipulation on the unit is thus largely excluded.


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Spark product overview

Spark product overview

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