Expert software model DDS

Expert software model DDS

  • Windows 7 and later compatible
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server,
  • "Online" or "Offline" operation possible,
  • Intelligent cursor functions (harmonic, sideband, trend...)
  • Input of gears kinematics,
  • Implementation of warehouse database

The software system model Adash DDS is used for archiving, diagnosis and evaluation (post processing) the vibration data. The software system DDS is either for the 'On-Line' diagnosis and visualization of vibration measurements, applies when the permanent Zustandsmonitoring (vibration monitoring) or it is called "Off-Line" system for evaluating the collected "in the field" Vibration data used (operation and maintenance, machine protection systems). Bearing vibrations and rotation machines running quality be measured by standardized measurement methods. The system DDS manages with SQL based databases machine data, additional pictures, measuring point descriptions, bearing database, signal type, limits... etc. and for order and security in your machine park. Trend analyses to any upcoming bearing damage are detected at an early stage and expensive "crash" damage may wisely avoids.


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