Power amplifier SmartAmp

Power amplifier SmartAmp

  • Power amplifier with 400W,
  • great Bandbreist (0 Hz... 40 kHz),
  • up to 18 A output current,.
  • up to 38 V output voltage,
  • 92% efficiency,
  • Overcurrent protection,
  • Ütemperaturschutz,
  • Interlock input

The model of SmartAmp of the modal shop is a power amplifier with special features, as they are required for the control of vibration exciters (shakers). The power amplifier model SmartAmp has overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, DC offset fault detection with automatic shutdown and interlock function to protect of the vibration exciter. Despite high output of 400W is the amplifier with 4 kg weight relatively easily and therefore good at handling.

TMS SmartAmp

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