CODA process monitoring

CODA process monitoring

  • Scalable to hundreds of input channels,
  • Client/server architecture
  • SQL database for managing parameters,
  • Automatic device detection,
  • supports USB, Ethernet, LXI - and VXI technology,
  • Comprehensive measurements and data visualization

CODA is m + p international's universal, turnkey software solution for fast and efficient measurement, regardless of the number of channels. Due to the modular structure, the simple system and the comprehensive functionality, CODA is the perfect solution for many different applications in test benches and test systems. If temperatures, pressures, forces, accelerations, speeds, expansion, etc. should be measured, all of these types of signals can be processed without any problems. Even applications with thousands of incoming channels are programmed with Coda in a very short time and safely and efficiently overcome. CODA supports the perfect measurement hardware from m + p international, as well as hardware from well-known companies such as Agilent, VTI instruments Corp. (LXIbus) and United electronic industries (cube-I/O) based on USB, Ethernet, LXI - and VXI technology. Ask us for a suitable solution to your specific process monitoring! Our standard data interfaces enable seamless integration with existing measuring enviroNments.


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