VibRunner vibration front end

VibRunner vibration front end

  • 8-24 analog input channels per VibRunner,
  • ICP® sensor power supply and TEDS support,
  • 24-bit, 102.4 kS / s, resolution
  • 2-12 tachometer inputs per VibRunner,
  • 2-12 differential analog outputs per VibRunner,
  • 8 digital inputs / outputs

VibRunner is the instrument platform, which m + p International has developed for your needs in the vibration and acoustic analysis, vibration testing, and process measurement. Used the VibRunner with our proven SO AnalyzerVibControl und CODASoftware solutions. The VibRunner can be both as a standalone table-top unit as well as in a 19 "racks. Higher channel numbers across exactly synchronizes the data capture of all VibRunner front ends and channels via 'Daisy-chain' connection. The single VibRunner can place this close at the measuring points and operate synchronously over long distances. Communication with the measuring computer is 1 GBit / s via an Ethernet interface. VibRunner is integrated into an independent subnet to ensure secure and efficient communication when big channel numbers.


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