Calibration system model TMS-K9145D10

Calibration system model TMS-K9145D10

  • Automated calibration system
  • Calibration of the ICP® / IEPE-, cargo and MEMS acceleration sensors,
  • Traceable calibrations,
  • Calibration system with calibration certificate according to ISO 17025,
  • Entry level solution to build of a calibration laboratory,

The portable calibration system model K9145D10 of the modal shop is equipped with a precise "back to back" comparison calibration of accelerometers in accordance with ISO 16063-21. With its 24-bit USB data acquisition the system provides a portable and when calibration solution for use in the lab and on the road.

Thanks to built-in ICP® (IEPE) sensor power supply a fast, easy calibration and logging according to ISO is on the way "in the field" possible 170<5 standard for virtually all vibration sensors (acceleration, swing speed, swing path) with Net mass up to 800 grams. The system is operated via a graphical user interface under Windows software.  Standards-compliant calibration certificates are generated in an Excel macro and printed out.

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