• Shielded two-wire cable,
    • Length 15 m,
    • 2-pin connector end cut off
    • connector/cable end 1
      connector type2-pin connector in accordance with MIL-C-5015
      Connection methodcoupling
      connection threads5/8-24 cap ring
      Strain reliefcast sleeve
      temperature-67 … 250 ° F55 … 121 ° C
      size - au ßendurchmesser0.825 in20,955 mm
      size - length1.73 in43,94 mm
      mass0.39 oz11.04 grams
      Connector/cable end 2
      connector typeend cut off
      cable length50 ft15 m
      Type of cableshielded two-core cable
      vein runningtwisted
      Temperature range-58 … 250 ° F50 … 121° C
      resistance< 0.01 Ω / ft< 33 Ω / km
      capacity (head to head at 21 ° C)36 pF / ftpF/m for 118
      Inductance0.34 µH/ft1.12 µH/m
      maximum voltage600 V
      Diameter of the cable sheath (±0. 25 mm)0.25 in6.35 mm[1]
      coat materialpolyurethane
      color of the cable sheath Black
      wire version19 fibers 32 AWG
      conductortinned copper
      Head diameter (20 AWG)0.04 in1.02 mm[1]
      shieldingbraided (at least 90% covered)
      screen material Tinned copper
      by wire materialtinned copper
      filling materialaramid
      Minimum bending radius2,.5 in63.5 mm
      Mass0.67 oz/ft61.85 grams / m[1]

      Specific References