• Pressure sensor with charge output for detecting combustion instability in turbines,
  • With ATEX / CSA approval,
  • Continuous use temperature up to 530 ° C,
  • With UHT-12™ sensor element,
    (no popcorn noise),
  • Measurement range 1.4 bar,
  • Sensitivity 247 pC/bar,
  • Frequency range up to 1500 Hz,
  • Integrated hardline cable,
    ending on 7/16-27-connector

Basic dataEnglish unitsSI units 
sensitivity (±20%)17 pC/psi247 pC/bar 
measuring range20 psi1,4 bar 
Maximum pressure (total)400 psi27.6 bar 
resonance frequency> 30,000 Hz 
transverse resonance≥3.000 Hz 
Upper frequency limit1500 Hz[2] [3] [4]
linearity≤1% FS[1]
acceleration sensitivity≤0,01 psi/g≤0,00069 bar / g 
Temperature range (operation)-94... 986 ° F-70... 530 ° C 
temperature range (connector)-76... 500 ° F-60... 260 ° C 
effect of temperature[5]see graph below
approval for hazardouse atmospheressee manual 
maximum exposure to radiation (integrated gamma flux)100,000,000 wheel 
maximum radiation exposure (integrated Neutron flux) N / cm² 
technical features
output polaritydifferential 
capacity (with cable from pin to pin )< 165 pF 
internal resistance (at room temperature)≥1.000.000 MΩ 
insulation resistance (at room temperature)≥1.000.000 MΩ 
Internal resistance (at 530 ° C)≥50 kΩ 
insulation resistance (at 530 ° C)≥100 kΩ 
physical properties
Sensor elementUHT-12™ 
geometry of the sensor elementcompression principle 
housing materialnickel alloy 
Sealinghermetically sealed welded 
wiring2-pin connector with7/16-27 thread 
Cable typeHardline cable with braided shield 
Weight (with cables)11.1 oz315 grams 


[1]Zero-balance just, determined using the method of least squares  
[2]Calculated on the basis of acoustic resonance  
[3]The lower cut-off frequency depends on the used signal conditioning electronics.  
[4]Upper frequency limit is calculated on the basis of the resonance frequency  
[6]Details: See PCBs Declaration of conformance PS058

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