• Dual purpose Shaker,
  • For the modal analysis as well as for part / component testing,
  • Maximum force 334 N,.
  • Frequency range 0... 6,500 Hz,
  • Stroke 25 mm

>15 Gauss
Basic dataEnglish unitsSI units
pk max force, sine
(bei Luftkühlung)
40 lbf178 N
pk max force, sine
(bei manueller Kühlung)
75 lbf334 N[1]
maximum force, random vibration RMS
(bei Luftkühlung)
17 lbf76 N
max force, random vibration RMS
(bei manueller Kühlung)
28 lbf125 N[1]
pk max force, shock
(50 ms)
75 lbf334 N
hub pk-pk, constant stimulation1.0 in25.4 mm
stroke, clipping area1.03 in26.2 mm
nominal frequency range 0... 6,500 Hz[2]
Basic resonance > 4,000 Hz[2]
maximum vibration velocity70 in / s pk1.8 m/s pk
maximum acceleration amplitude
(keine Last)
75 gPK736 m/s² PK 
Maximum acceleration amplitude
(0.45 kg load)
38 gPK373 m/s² PK 
Maximum acceleration amplitude
(2.3 kg load)
12 gPK118 m/s² PK 
Maximum acceleration amplitude
120 gPK1,177 m/s² PK 
Maximum acceleration amplitude
(Shock top)
150 gPK1.472 m/s² PK 
Typical maximum payload7 lb3.18 kg 
Physical properties
Thread the anchor plate5 x 10-32[3]
Ankermasse1 lb0,454 kg 
Stiffness of the suspension60 lbf / in10.5 N/mm 
Nominal drive current
(with air cooling)
11 ARMS 
Nominal drive current
(with manual cooling)
22 ARMS 
Magnetic stray fields,
38 mm above the head plate
>0,0015 Tesla
magnetic stray field,
25 mm next to the housing
>20 Gauss>0.002 Tesla
Manual coolingair: 100 cfm
water: 15 cfm
Air: 170 m³/h
water: 25.5 m ³/h
nominal dimensions
(Höhe x Breite x Tiefe)
10,5 x 12,55 x 6.5 in267 x 319 x 165 mm[4]
nominal weight35 lb16 kg 
Temperature40... 100 ° F,
< 85% RH
4... 38 ° C,
< 85% RH

[1]for the use of maximum force has Shaker with a TMS-2050E09 power amplifier powered and cooled manually.
[2]Lastabhängig; the specified values apply when no load.
[3]Chuck adapter for attachment of Stingers in the scope of delivery included
[4]exact dimensions: see technical drawing in the data sheet

Included accessories
BaseEasyTurn™ suspension, mounting base allows orientation of the Shaker toward the brisk on point(1)
CableShaker cable, length 2.4 m(1)
2000 X 03Accessory Kit (includes case, Stinger, Chuck adapter, wrench, spare fuse and other accessories)(1)

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