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With the 176A31 piezoelectric pressure sensor, PCB Piezotronics is expanding its line of high-temperature pressure sensors. The 176A31 can be used at temperatures of up to 760 °C and due to a special sensor design, external cooling is not required, which considerably simplifies handling. The 176A31 pressure sensor with charge output has a sensitivity of 87 pC/bar and covers the measuring range up to 207 bar. It is suitable for measurements in combustion dynamics as well as for gas turbine measurements, thermoacoustic measurements, instabilities in the combustion of rocket engines or for all dynamic gas pressure measurements at high temperatures. For use in these demanding test environments, PCB® uses a UHT-12 sensor element, which is developed for more precise, lower-noise measurements with large temperature fluctuations. "The new design of the 176A31 eliminates the need for helium bleed gas and the need for water cooling at ambient temperatures up to 760°C, making the pressure sensor an excellent research choice for thermodynamic and acoustic measurements on turbines," said Bob Metz, Marketing Manager /Sales Aerospace & Defence, PCB Piezotronics.

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