Triaxial acceleration sensor for high temperature applications

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With the triaxial ICP® / IEPE accelerometer model 339B31, PCB Piezotronics complements the 339 sensor family, which has a low temperature coefficient thanks to the UHT-12 ™ sensor element material.

The sensor is suitable for continuous operating temperatures of up to 180 °C and has a stable and hermetically sealed titanium housing with an edge length of 10.2 mm and a weight of only about 4 grams. The larger internal mounting thread 10-32 is advantageous and enables the use of a more stable mounting bolt. Furthermore, the model is equipped with the larger and therefore easier to handle ¼-28 4-pin connector. The acceleration sensor measures in the frequency range from 1.5 ... 11,000 Hz and covers the measuring range of 500 g with a sensitivity of 10 mV/g. The internal low-pass filter protects the internal amplifier electronics from overloads that can arise from metallic impacts and other high-frequency stimuli.

Top Features

  • Operating temperature up to 180 ° C
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Frequency range 1.5 ... 11,000 Hz
  • Standard 4-pin female connector 1 / 4-28 "
  • Mounting by 10-32" on M5 threaded bolts

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