Portabler Schwingungskalibrator (Modell 9110D)

  • Kalibrierung von Beschleunigungs-, Schwinggeschwindigkeits- und Wegsensoren
  • Kalibrierzertifikat nach ISO 17025,
  • ICP®/IEPE-Sensorversorgung,
  • Kalibrierungen nach ISO 16063-21,
  • Für Sensoren bis 800 Gramm Gewicht,
  • Schwinggeschwindigkeit max. 380 mm/s,
  • Schwingbeschleunigung max. 20g,
  • Auslenkung max. ± 0.6 mm,
  • Frequenzbereich 7 Hz...10 kHz,
  • eingebauter Speicher,
  • USB Schnittstelle,
  • Zubehör

The Modal Shop's Model 9110D Battery Operated and Portable Vibratory Calibrator is specifically designed to inspect on-site vibration sensors and vibration measurement systems. Built in a sturdy hard case and weighing only 8.2 kg, this portable calibration system can be taken anywhere. Thanks to built-in ICP® (IEPE) sensor supply, fast, easy calibration and logging according to ISO 17025 standards is possible on the road "in field use", for virtually all vibration sensors (acceleration, vibration velocity, vibration displacement) with own mass up to 800 grams Displayed in real time and stored in the internal memory, from where they can also be transferred to a USB flash drive (Flash Drive) Standard-compliant calibration certificates are generated and printed in an Excel macro.

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