• Triaxial ICP® force sensor, 
  • Measuring range (Z-axis) 4.45 kN, 
  • Measuring range (X and Y axis) 0.044 kN, 
  • Sensitivity (Z axis) 22.5 mV / N, 
  • Sensitivity (X and Y axis) 122 mV / N, 
  • Frequency range (Z-axis) 0.01 ... 90.000 Hz, 
  • Frequency range (X and Y axis) 0.01 ... 90,000 Hz, 
  • 4-pin connection socket on the side

basic dataEnglish unitsSI units 
Sensitivity (Z-axis) (± 30%)100 mV/lb22,5 mV/N[1][2]
Sensitivity (X and Y axis) (± 20%)500 mV/lb112 mV/N[1][2]
Measuring range (Z-axis)25 lb0,111 kN
Measuring range (X and Y axis)10 lb0,044 kN
Maximum force (Z-axis)300 lb1,334 kN
Maximum force (X and Y axis)60 lb0,267 kN
Maximum moment (Z-axis)14 ft-lb18,98 Nm
Maximum moment (X and Y axis)13 ft-lb17,63 Nm
Broadband resolution (Z-axis)0,0003 lbRMS0,0013 NRMS[1]
Broadband resolution (X and Y axis)0,00004 lbRMS0,0002 NRMS[1]
Upper limit frequency90.000 Hz
Lower limit frequency (Z-axis) (-5%)0,01 Hz
Lower cutoff frequency (X and Y axis) (-5%)0,001 Hz
linearity error≤1 % FS[4]
Crosstalk (between X and Y axis)±3 %
Crosstalk (between X / Y axis and Z axis)±5 %
Operating conditions
temperature range-65 … 250 °F-54 … 121 °C
Technical characteristics
Maximum output signal (Z axis)±2,5 VDC
Maximum output signal (X and Y axis)±5 VDC
Discharge time constant (Z-axis)≥50 s
Discharge time constant (X and Y axis)≥50 s
Supply voltage (all axes)20 … 30 VDC
Constant current supply (all axes)2… 20 mA
output impedance≤100 Ω
Bias voltage8 … 14 VDC
output polaritypositive
Physical properties
preload56 in-lb6,3 N-m[5]
Stiffness (Z-axis)10 lb/µin1,75 kN/µm[1]
Stiffness (X and Y axis)4 lb/µin0,7 kN/µm[1]
Size - height0,390 in9,90 mm
Size - length1,075 in27,3 mm
Size - width0,95 in24,1 mm
Size - inside diameter0,319 in8,10 mm
Size - diameter of the measuring surface0,680 in17,27 mm
Mass0,927 oz26.27 grams
housing materialstainless steel
sealHermetically sealed
Electrical connection4-Pin
port locationLaterally


[2]When using the recommended preload. The sensitivities may change by ± 5% depending on the preload used.
[3]The specified sensitivities apply only when using the supplied bolts.
[4]Zero-based balancing line, determined by the least squares method
[5]The preload should be at least ten times the operating range used on the X and Y axis.
[6]Details: siehe PCB Declaration of Conformance PS023

included supply
081A70mounting bolts(1)
083A10mounting sleeve(1)

Available options
(W) Waterproof cable connection
(M) Metric montage
included supply
M081A70mounting bolts(1)

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