Strobe model TURBO-STROB

  • Speed range 60.. 26'100 RPM,.
  • simple rotary knob operation
  • variable phase shift,
  • large digital display (5 digits),
  • light weight,
  • Threaded for tripod mounting,
  • internal and external triggering,
  • available with battery operation,.

MDas strobe model TURBO-STROB with Flash tube can be used for optical observation of periodic movements thanks to microprocessor support for virtually any application. "Slow" are realized by the variable phase shift of the trigger timing considerations. Accurate slow motion are possible with the coarse / fine - setting of Flash sequence. The high light output allows razor sharp observations at constant brightness over a wide frequency range. A rich accessories such as reflection, trigger adapter, etc. guarantees high operating comfort for efficient troubleshooting in the control of transportation systems.

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