• ICP® strain sensor, 
  • Measuring range 900 με, 
  • Sensitivity 2 pC / με, 
  • Frequency range 0.5 ... 100,000 Hz, 
  • Integrated connection cable, length 3 meters,
    ending on 10-32 plug

basic dataEnglish unitsSI units 
Sensitivity (± 30%)2 pC / me[1]
measuring range900 with pk
linearity error≤1,5 %[3]
Lateral acceleration sensitivity≤5 %[2]
Operating conditions
temperature range-65 … 300 °F-53 … 148 °C
Overload limit (shock)± 10,000 g pk-53 … 148 °C
acceleration sensitivity0.001 g / g0.0001 with / (m / s²)[2][4]
Technical characteristics
capacity315 pF[2][4]
insulation resistance≥10¹²
Physical properties
sensor elementquartz
housing materialTitan
sealepoxy resin
Size - width0,2 in5,1 mm
Size - length0,6 in15,2 mm
Size - height0,07 in1,8 mm
Mass0,02 oz0.5 grams[2]
attachmentadhesive mounting
Electrical connectorType 10-32 coaxial cable
cable type030AD010EJ Integral Koaxial


[1]Calibrated on a steel beam
[3]Zero-based balancing line, determined by the least squares method
[4]Perpendicular to the measuring axis
[5]Cable length <30 meters (at 100 pF / m, constant current 20 mA)
[6]Details: siehe PCB Declaration of Conformance PS023

included supply
039A07Lifting tool(1)
ACS-15Calibration certificate for piezoelectric strain sensor(1)

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