Noise dosimeters spark 703 / 706

  • 190 gr. Lightweight and compact
  • Optional (706) or without (703) keyboard and display
  • 100h long time registration in the 1 MB memory
  • IrDA infrared interface
  • Intelligent remote control with IrDA interface (opt.)
  • Software"Blaze"
  • Model 706RC as a data collector

The integrating noise dosimeter models 703 & 706 is a consistent further development of the models of 705. While the model 706 with a keyboard can be operated locally, the model 703 requires a PC to set the unit. Both models communicate via an IrDA infrared interface with the PC, or with the Windows software BLAZE. The 190 gr. light equipment four level sizes at the same time large memory record in the 1 MB (or 4 MB). So the noise can be registered, for example, in seconds during 16 hours of activities. With 2 small alkaline batteries the devices measure all stages of a week during 80... 100 hours. A measurement may be affected by the built-in timer on any day (or daily) and at two specified times to start. Several measurement periods can be stored separately so that they evaluate later isolated. The keyboard can be password protected "lock". This largely prevents an unauthorized manipulation on the unit. The supplied Windows software blaze provides editing capabilities and sophisticated calculations of "what if..." Scenarios. A comfortable and rapid "aid" is the automatic creation of reports.

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