Vibration meters A4900 - Vibrio M

  • ease of use,
  • for machinery and bearing diagnosis,
  • automatic speed detection,
  • built-in LED stroboscope,.
  • Colour display with FFT spectrum,.
  • Sensor and headphones included with

The battery-powered and portable vibration meter model A4900 - Vibrio III is an indispensable aid for service technicians and customer service representatives, who are faced with vibration problems on motors, machines and equipment. The vibration meter Vibrio III by ADASH Ltd. measures oscillations and vibrations in engines, transmissions and systems in accordance with ISO 10816-3. The display shows either the acceleration, the wrestling's speed or the swing path on its clear color LCD display. Depending on the selected machine category, or list type (rigid or soft storage) and the respective alarm value, the measured vibration level in the light colours green (normal operation), yellow (malfunction) and Red (danger) are displayed. To diagnose machine errors, you can appear the time signal or the FFT frequency spectrum. The device has an automatic speed detection and bearing damage and detect machine malfunctions due to frequency-selective evaluation. A LED is also integrated strobe for the manual speed measurement or visualization of machine errors. The device is equipped with a headphone jack, the also the signal for external devices (KO, Analyzer, writer...) is used. A shock-resistant and hermetically sealed accelerometers with built-in ICP® electronics guarantees accurate measurements. The device is excellent acceptance tests, to troubleshooting and periodic control measurements in condition monitoring

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