PCB-(M)602D91 & 507QSXXXBZ

ICP® Beschleunigungssensor-Kit: PCB-(M)602D91 & 507QSXXXBZ

  • IP69K compliant ICP® acceleration sensor Kit, side mounted,
  • Aligned on the hygienic requirements in food production.
  • Sensor PCB-(M)602D91 & cable 507QSXXXBZ,
  • Industrial ICP® vibration sensor,
  • With drill through,.
  • Measurement range 50 g,
  • Sensitivity 100 mV/g,
  • Frequency range 0.5... 8,000 Hz,
  • One-point calibration at 100 Hz,
  • M12 connector


Basic data
Sensitivity (±10 %)10.2 mV/(m/s²)[1]
Measuring range±50 g±490 m/s² 
Frequency range (± 3 dB)30... 480,000 cpm0.5... 8,000 Hz[4]
Resonance frequency1,500 kcpm25,000 Hz[2]
Wide band resolution350 µg3.434 µm / s ²[2]
Linearity error±1 % [3]
Transverse acceleration sensitivity≤7 %  
Conditions of use
Overload limit (shock)5,000 g pkpk 49,050 m/s² 
Temperature range-65... 250 ° F-54... 121 ° C 
Influence of temperature on Temperature coefficient of sensitivitySee curve below [2]
Type of protectionIP69K  
Technical properties
Settling time (on area within ±1% of the bias-S)fluctuations)≤3,0 s  
discharging charging time constant≥0,3 s  
power18... 28 V DC  
constant power supply2... 20 mA  
output impedance<150 Ω  
Bias voltage8... 12 V DC  
spectral noise (10 Hz)8.0 µg/√Hz78.5 (µm/s²)/√Hz[2]
spectral noise (100 Hz)5 µg/√Hz49.1 (µm/s²)/√Hz[2]
spectral noise (1,000 Hz)4 µg/√Hz39.2 (µm/s²)/√Hz[2]
electrical insulation >100 MΩ 
physical properties
size - length1.55 in39.4 mm 
size - width0.74 at18.8 mm 
Sizeße - size0,845 in21.5 mm 
Mass2.61 oz74.0 grams 
Mounting thread1/4 "-28 threadNo metric equivalent[5]
Installation torque2... 5 ft-lb2.7... 6.8 Nm 
Sensor elementCeramic  
Geometry of the sensor elementShear principle  
Housing materialStainless steel (316L)  
SealingHermetically sealed welded  
ConnectionOn the side  
[1]Conversion factor 1 g = 9.81 m/s²  
[3]Zero-balance just, determined using the method of least squares  
[4]The upper cut-off frequency tolerance: ± 10 %  
[5]No equivalent in SI units  
[6]Details: see PCBs Declaration of conformance PS023  
Included accessories
081A97Passage screw 1/4 '28-1 
ICS-2One-point calibration at 100 Hz (traceable to NIST)-1 
(M) metric mounting
Included accessories   
M081A97Metric mounting bolt with M6 threads-1 

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