2 channel 24 bit USB-measured value acquisition

2 channel 24 bit USB-measured value acquisition

RogaDAQ2 is measuring technology for direct via USB on the go in the notebook

RogaDAQ2 is measuring technology for direct via USB on the go in the notebook. The mobile measurement data acquisition system is optimized for the range of noise analysis and vibration analysis. The equipment includes two high-quality dynamic channels, four analog auxiliary lines, two flexible speed inputs and various digital - I/o. In the Center are two high-precision synchronous analog inputs for dynamic signals (sampling rate per channel, 48 kHz, 24-bit resolution, ± 10 volts, switchable sensor power supply (ICP®), preamp). To evaluate this data in the right context, are more auxiliary signal inputs available. four analog inputs (max. 300 kHz total sampling rate, ± 10 v) collect such temperatures, pressures or other quantities affecting the vibration situation. two digital inputs or outputs share status or tax information with the enviroNment (internally are another 16 inputs / outputs available, individually programmable data direction). Two digital inputs are available for speed measurement (voltage range ± 25 v, programmable switching threshold). The downstream hardware consists of two independent pulse width meters (resolution < 43 ns), so other evaluations of digital signals are possible except the pure speed measurement (including the phase reference to the dynamic channels).   Included is a simple Analyzer software (visualization of all measuring channels, spectral analysisthe fast channels, export to TAFFmat). The also included API DLL allows you to create your own programs, for example, in Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, Labview®. In cooperation with our partners, the range of software is constantly more interfaces and applications. The way of the data from the inputs to the USB interface is determined by a programmable signal processor and reconfigurable logic. The behavior of RogaDAQ2 can be modified from the PC, no hardware changes. Therefore we can offer customized solutions for special customer requirements.


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