• Vibration sensor with charge output
  • Continuous operating temperature up to 650 ° C
  • Sensormaterial UHT-12™
  • Ground-insulated housing, welded mounting
  • Measuring range 1,000 g
  • Sensitivity 1.15 pC / g
  • Upper cutoff frequency 10,000 Hz
  • Integrated hardline cable

basic dataEnglish unitsSI units 
Sensitivity (± 10%)1,15 pC/g0,117 pC/(m/s²)[1]
measuring range± 1,000 g pk±9.800 m/s² pk[1]
Frequency range (± 10%)10.000 Hz
resonant frequency45.000 Hz[2]
linearity error1 %
Lateral acceleration sensitivity≤5 %
Operating conditions
Overload limit (shock)± 2.000 g pk±19.600 m/s² pk
temperature range-67 … 1200 °F-55 … 649 °C
Temperature range (load limit)-67 … 1400 °F-55 … 760 °C
Temperature range (connector)-67 … 900 °F-55 … 482 °C
Strain sensitivity (base area)See grafic[2]
Maximum radiation effect (integrated neutron flux)1E10 N/cm²
Maximum radiation effect (integrated gamma flux)1E8 rad
Technical characteristics
capacity1000 pF[2][3]
Insulation resistance (at 640 ° C)≥30 kΩ
Insulation resistance (at 21 ° C)≥1 GΩ
output polaritypositive
Electrical insulationSignal isolated from the housing
Physical properties
sensor elementUHT-12™
Geometry of the sensor elementScherprinzip
housing materialNickel alloy
Sealing (housing)Hermetically sealed
Sealing (connection)Hermetically welded
Size - height0,40 in10,2 mm
Size - length0,55 in14,0 mm
Size - width0,50 in12,7 mm
Mass0,35 oz10 grams[2]
Electrical connectionIntegrated hardline cable
cable length10 ft3.05m
cable typeMI Hardline-Cable
Electrical connection10-32 coaxial
mounting thread5-40 female

[1]Conversion factor 1g = 9.81 m / s²
[3]Extra cable length is about 100pF / ft.
[4]For details, see the PCO Declaration of Conformity PS081.

included supply
64287-01Mounting bolts 5-40 to 10-32(1)

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