• Modal Shaker
  • Kraft 267 N,.
  • Frequency range 0... 6,000 Hz,
  • Stroke 36 mm

Basic dataEnglish unitsSI units
pk max force, sine
(bei Umgebungsluftkühlung)
30 lbf133 N
pk max force, sine
(at Manual cooling)
60 lbf267 N[1]
hub pk-pk1.4 in36 mm[2]
nominal frequency range 0... 6,000 Hz[3] [4]
nominal reason resonance > 4,000 Hz[4]
maximum acceleration amplitude
(ohne Last)
100 g pk1000 m/s² pk
Maximum vibration velocity120 in / s pk3 m/s pk
protections mechanical stops
Overcurrent protection by in-line fuses
physical properties
current consumption at ambient air cooling 9 A RMS
Nominal power consumption at manual Kühdevelopment 18 A RMS
nominal anchor resistance 1 ?[5]
anchor suspension 8 bending hinges made of carbon fiber composite
Effective Ankermasse0.6 lb0,272 kg
nominal dimensions
(Höhe x Breite x Tiefe)
10.8 x 12.6 x 6.5 in273 x 319 x 165 mm[6]
nominal weight37 lb17 kg
temperature40... 100 ° F,
< 85% RH
4... 38 ° C,
< 85% RH

[1]for the use of maximum force has Shaker with a power amplifier suitable powered and cooled manually.
[2]mechanical stops at 19 mm
[3]specifying the frequency range based on the value recommended in ISO 5344: basic resonance × 1.5
[5]at room temperature (20 ° C)  
[6]Exact dimensions: see technical drawing in the data sheet  



Included accessories
BaseEasyTurn™ suspension, mounting base allows orientation of the Shaker toward the brisk on point(1)
CableShaker cable, length 3 m(1)
Mounting accessories10-32 mounting adapter and Chuck for the mounting of the Stingers(1)
2150 G 12Stingerkit, Stingerdurchmesser 1.6 mm(1)
2155 G 12Stingerkit, Stingerdurchmesser 2.4 mm(1)
K2160GSteel wire Stingerkit(1)

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