• Mini SmartShaker™ with integrated power amplifier,
  • Power 31 N,.
  • Frequency range 0... 9,000 Hz,
  • Stroke 14 mm

<TD > 2.63 N/mm
Basic dataEnglish unitsSI units 
Max force, sine (pk)7 lbf31 N[2]
Max force, random vibration (RMS)5 lbf22 N[2]
Max force, shock (pk)15 lbf67 N 
Hub pk-pk, constant stimulation0.5 in13 mm 
Stroke, clipping area0.55 in14 mm 
Frequency range0... 9,000 Hz[1]
Maximum acceleration amplitude
(no load)
70 gPK687 m/s² PK[1]
Maximum acceleration amplitude
(0.045 kg load)
35 gPK343 m/s² PK[1]
Maximum acceleration amplitude
(0.45 kg load)
6.4 gPK63 m/s² PK[1]
Maximum acceleration amplitude
(maximum load: 0.91 kg)
3.3 gPK32 m/s 2 pk[1]
max power consumption 8 A
nominal anchor resistance 0.37 ?
Integrated amplifier
efficiency 92%
input range (RMS) 0... 1 V AC[3]
max power handling (RMS) input 1.9 V AC
power 12... 21 V DC[4]
output power 55 W[5]
typical THD < 0.02%[6]
cooling Convection
gain levels (nominal) steamed 10 dB, 18 DB, 24 dB[7]
warning indicator for overload or high temperature[7]
Automatic shut-off at too high a temperature or great power[7]
physical properties
nominal Ankermasse0.1 lb45 grams
Nominal rigidity of the suspension15 lbf / in 
Nominal dimensions
(Height x width x depth)
5.3 x 6.75 x 3.5 in135 x 171 x 89 mm 
Mass7 lbs3.1 kg 
InletBNC connector 
OutletMini Terminal 
Screw-on mounting10-32 thread 


[2]Air cooled  
[3]Typically for maximum output signal (depending on the amplification factor)  
[4]About included 60W-Netzteil (19 V <)small >DC, 3.15 A)  
[5]Efficiency of 92% when using the supplied AC adaptor  
[6]Total harmonic distortion (THD) and noise at 1,000 Hz, 1 W  
[7]Display via LEDs  



Included accessories
Power supplyPower 60 W, input 100... 240 V AC, Output 19VDC(1)
MountAnti-tip bracket with mounting holes(1)
2110 G 06Triple Pack Nylonstinger with 10-32 thread(1)

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