• Sub-miniature ICP® pressure sensor with stainless steel diaphragm
  • Measuring range 690 kPa
  • Sensitivity 7.3 mV / kPa
  • Lower limit frequency 0.5 Hz
  • Integrated connection cable

basic dataEnglish unitsSI units 
Measurement range (output range ± 5 V)100 psi690 kPa
Sensitivity (-40 / + 20%)50 mV / psi7.3 mV / kPa
maximum pressure7.5 kpsi51713 kPa[2]
resolution0,005 psi0.035 kPa
resonant frequency≥250.000 Hz
Rise time (reflected pressure)≤2,0 microseconds
Lower limit frequency (-5%)0.5 Hz
linearity error≤2,0% FS[1]
Operating conditions
acceleration sensitivity≤0,04 psi / g≤0,028 kPa / (m / s)
The temperature range (operation)-100 ... 250 ° F-73 ... 121 ° C
Temperature coefficient of sensitivity≤0,09% / ° F≤0,162% / ° C
Maximum temperature shock (for split second)3000 ° F1649 ° C
Maximum shock resistance5000 g pk49,035 m / s pk
Technical characteristics
Output polarity (positive pressure)positive
Discharging time (at room temperature)> 1.0 s
supply voltage22 ... 30 V DC
Constant current supply2 ... 20 mA
output impedance<100 Ω
Bias voltage8 ... 14 V DC
physical properties
Geometry of the sensor elementcompression principle
sensor elementquartz
housing materialstainless steel
membrane17-4 (stainless steel)
electrical connectionIntegral Twisted Pair
Electrical connection (red)Signal / Power
Electrical connection (white)Dimensions
Mass (wired)0.15 oz4.3 grams


[1]Zero-based line of best fit, determined by the method of least squares
[2]Due to the high sensitivity of the static pressure should be applied very slowly and reduced.
[3]Details: see  PCB Declaration of Conformance PS023

included supply
065A10Seal ring, 0.138 "outside x 0.101" x 0.022 inner "high, brass(3)
66926-01Clamping nut 10-32 x 1/4 "hex(1)

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