• Triaxial ICP®/IEPE miniatur vibration sensor
  • Operating temperature up to 163 ° C
  • Measuring range 5,000 g
  • Sensitivity 1 mV / g
  • Frequency range 1… 6,000 Hz
  • Integrated, highly flexible connection cable, length 1.5 meters,
  • ending on 4-pin connector

basic dataEnglish unitsSI units 
Sensitivity (± 20%)1 mV/g0,10 mV/(m/s²)
measuring range± 5,000 g pk±49.050 m/s²pk
Frequency range (+/- 5%)1.2 … 6.000 Hz
Frequency range (+/- 10%)1 … 10.000 Hz
resonant frequency≥50 kHz
Broadband resolution0,02 gRMS0,02 m/s²RMS[1]
Linearitätsfehler≤1 %[2]
Lateral acceleration sensitivity≤5 %
Operating conditions
Overload limit (shock)± 10,000 g pk±98.100 m/s²pk
Temperature range (operation)-65 … to +325 °F-54… to +163 ° C
temperature rangeSee graph[1]
Strain sensitivity (base area)≤0.05 g / me≤0.5 (m / s²) / me[1]
Technical characteristics
excitation voltage18 … 30 VDC
Constant current supply2 ... 20 mA
output impedance≤100 Ω
Bias voltage8 … 12 VDC
Settling time
(on bias voltage ± 10%)
<3 s
Spectral noise (1 Hz)4.7 mg/√Hz46 mm/s²/√Hz[1]
Spectral noise (10 Hz)1.2 mg/√Hz11.8 mm/s²/√Hz[1]
Spectral noise (100 Hz)0.48 mg/√Hz4.71 mm/s²/√Hz[1]
Spectral noise (1 kHz)0.17 mg/√Hz1.67 mm/s²/√Hz[1]
Spectral noise (10 kHz)0.13 mg/√Hz1.28 mm/s²/√Hz[1]
Physical properties
sensor elementceramics
Geometry of the sensor elementScherprinzip
housing materialTitan
Size - height0,25 in6,35 mm
Size - length0,25 in6,35 mm
Size - width0,25 in6,35 mm
Mass (without cable)0,03 oz0.8 grams[1]
Electrical connectionIntegrated cable
cable termination1/4 4-Pin Jack
cable length5 ft1,5 m
cable type019 4-way shielded
attachmentadhesive mounting


[2]Zero-based best-fit line, determined using the least squares method
[3]Details: siehe PCB Declaration of Conformance PS023

included supply
034G05Shielded 4-wire cable, 1.5 meters, 4-pin connector to three BNC connectors(1)
080A109mounting wax(1)
ACS-1TFrequency response for triaxial transducers, traceable to NIST, 10 Hz up to the upper 5% frequency(1)

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