• ICP® pressure sensor
  • For blast pressure -and speed measurements
  • Measuring range 1724 kPa
  • Sensitivity 2.9 mV / kPa
  • 4-pin connector

basic dataEnglish unitsSI units 
Measurement range (output range ± 5 V)250 psi1724 kPa
Measurement range (output range is ± 10 V)500 psi3447 kPa[2]
Sensitivity (± 15%)20 mV / psi2.90 mV / kPa[3]
maximum pressure5000 psi34474 kPa
resolution0.7 psi0.005 kPa[4]
resonant frequency≥400.000 Hz
Rise time (unreflected pressure)≤6,5 microseconds
linearity error≤1,0% FS[1]
Operating conditions
The temperature range (operation)-100 ... 275 ° F-73 ... 135 ° C
Temperature coefficient of sensitivity≤0,05% / ° F≤0,090% / ° C
Technical characteristics
Discharging time (at room temperature)≥0,2 s
supply voltage20 ... 30 VDC
Constant current supply2 ... 20 mA
output impedance≤200 Ω
Bias voltage8 ... 14 VDC
physical properties
Geometry of the sensor elementcompression principle
sensor elementquartz
housing materialaluminum
sealepoxy resin
electrical connection4-pin connector[3]
Dimensions16.1 oz456 grams[4]


[1]Zero-based line of best fit, determined by the method of least squares
[2]For an output range up to 10 V, the supply voltage of at least 26 V has to DC  , respectively. At low bias voltage of the sensor, no negative output range up to -10 V can be used.
[3]Two identical sensors at a distance of 10cm mounted, see drawing # 65,310th For each channel, a separate calibration certificate is included.
[5]Details: see PCB Declaration of Conformance PS023

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