VibMobile mobile multi-channel frontend

VibMobile mobile multi-channel frontend

  • Portable, for use on site and in the laboratory,
  • up to 64 analog input channels (kHz 24-bit @ 204.8),
  • Battery (opt.), low-noise operation,
  • 2 analog outputs, 2 speedometer inputs, 4/4 digital I/O in the base system,
  • Bridge module with 8 input channels,
  • Built-in CPU i7 (embedded win 7).
  • Stand-alone or front-end operations.
  • 12 slots for 8 I/O cards from m + p and to 4 CompactPCI < sup >® Cards

The new model m + p VibMobile developed portable, multi-channel vibration and noise measurement for the high demands in the area, to the dynamic signal analysis and for diverse data acquisition and monitoring tasks. Ensures a wide range of analog I/O cards for simultaneous sampling, high-speed data acquisition, signal conditioning for voltage inputs, IEPE sensor electronics and bridge measurements together with DSP-based real-time processing that the model of m + p VibMobile is equipped for all types of measurement and signal analysis tasks.

The model is suitable thanks to a compact and robust design, the built-in CPU, the SSD storage media and the optional battery operation m + p VibMobile ideal for mobile use on the road. In autonomous mode, all applications in the built-in CPU run (Windows 7 embedded), is then operated via keyboard, mouse and a monitor. In the laboratory, the model can m + p VibMobile as data acquisition frontend are operated via Ethernet and laptop or remote PC. Multiple m + p VibMobile Mainframes can be combined for distributed measurement (master-slave operation) or to increase the channel numbers. A synchronous sampling is ensured via clock I/O connections, or by starting a measurement of IEEE 1588 time protocol or via GPS PPS signal.


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