MUP-VibExec VXI Bus

Multi-channel vibration control system

  • 32-384 analog input channels (each 32 per VXI module),
  • ICP® sensor power supply and TEDS support,
  • 24-bit resolution, 108 (216) kS / s,
  • VXI mainframe with 4/6/13 plug-in creation,
  • True multitasking,
  • Multi monitor support for 64 channels per monitor,
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

The flexible architecture of lot duct system model VibExec for vibration control and data acquisition supports different mainframes to the inclusion of three, five and 12 signal processing modules for 96, 160 and 384 input channels per mainframe. No matter how many input channels are implemented, the VibExec system provides precise measurement in all types of sine, noise and shock test according to MIL-STD, ISO, EN and other standards. At the same time, it provides complete and continuous recording of data on hard drive in addition to reliable online and offline analysis. Numerous VXI modules for measurements up to 625 kS / s per channel can use the software system VibControl  betrieben werden. Die einzelnen VXI Mainframes lassen sich nahe bei den Messstellen platzieren und über grössere Distanzen synchron betreiben. Die Kommunikation mit dem Messrechner erfolgt über eine 2 GBit/s Ethernet-Schnittstellen, um eine sichere und leistungsfähige Kommunikation auch bei hohen Kanalzahlen zu gewährleisten.

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