• Triaxial vibration sensor with charge output
  • Temperature range -55 ... 482 ° C
  • Measuring range 500 g
  • Sensitivity 3.2 pC / g
  • Upper limit frequency 4,000 Hz
  • Three 10-32 connector sockets
  • With ATEX / CSA / IECEx approval

basic dataEnglish unitsSI units 
sensitivity3.2 pC/g0,33 pC/(m/s²)
measuring range± 500 g pk±4.905 m/s²pk
Frequency range (+/- 5%)4.000 Hz[2]
resonant frequency≥25 kHz
linearity error≤1 %[1]
Lateral acceleration sensitivity≤5 %
Operating conditions
Overload limit (shock)± 3,000 g pk±29.400 m/s²pk
temperature range-67 … 900 °F-55 … 482 °C
Temperature reactionsee grafic[3]
Sensitivity of the base load.003 g / cm.029 (m / s²) / sec[3]
Radiation Exposure Limit (Integrated Neutron Flux)1E10 N/cm²
Radiation Exposure Limit (Integrated Gamma Flux)1E8 rad
Technical characteristics
capacity120 pF[3]
Insulation resistance (at 70 ° F)>1.000.000 MΩ
Insulation resistance (at 900 ° F)>100 kohm;
Electrical insulation (housing)>1E6 Ohm
output polaritypositive
Physical properties
sensor elementUHT-12™
Geometry of the sensor elementScherprinzip
housing materialNickel alloy
sealHermetically sealed
Size - length1,35 in34,3 mm
Size - width1,35 in34,3 mm
Size - height1,00 in25,4 mm
Mass6,0 oz170 grams[3]
Electrical connection10-32 coaxial
attachmentThrough Hole
Montagedrehmoment18 … 20 in-lb2 … 2,3 Nm

[1]Zero-based balancing line, determined by the least squares method
[2]The lower limit frequency depends on the signal conditioning electronics used.

included supply
62491-01Montageschraube, 8-32 UNC-2A x 7/8", Inconel 718(2)
ACS-1Frequency response for triaxial transducers, traceable to NIST, 10 Hz to the upper 5% frequency(1)

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