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  • ICP® impulse hammers

    ICP® impact hammers are used for the defined application of force during structural investigations of components and components. The integrated force transducers have measuring ranges between 220 and 22,000 N; The hammer masses, which are to be selected depending on the object mass, are between 2 grams and 5.4 kg.

  • Piezoelectric impedance transducer
  • Modal Shaker

    The modal shop electrodynamic modal shakers stimulate the structure under investigation with forces of 20 ... 440 N and are thus suitable for many tasks in the field of modal analysis. They are lightweight and with their compact size and the EasyTurn ™ lock can be optimally placed on the test object. In operation, interactions between the vibrator and the test structure are minimized thanks to the lightweight design. The through hole in the anchor plate of the larger shakers simplifies the assembly of the stinger between test structure and shaker. The stinger is locked to the anchor plate with the aid of a chuck so that the length protruding from the shaker corresponds to the distance to the structure. A reduction of the stinger is therefore eliminated.

  • Smart Shaker

    The miniature shakers TMS-K2004E01 and K2007E01, which generate forces of 20 and 31 N with a deflection of up to 13 mm, are suitable for vibration tests on small structures and subassemblies. They can be used in the frequency range from DC to 11 kHz. By integrating the power amplifier into the foot of the shaker, the dimensions could be reduced to only 135 x 171 x 89 mm and the weight to 2.7 kg. This makes them easy to transport and easy to adapt to structures.

  • Dual purpose Shaker

    Dual-purpose shakers can be used on the one hand for structural stimulation in the modal analysis and on the other hand offer the possibility to mount test specimens with a weight of up to 4.5 kg directly on the anchor plate with a diameter of 80 mm and subjected to a fatigue test. The test frequency can be up to 6,500 Hz in both operating modes. Structures can be excited with up to 489 N peak. The two dual-purpose models 2110E and 2075E, like the pure Modalshaker, have a through hole with a chuck to accommodate the stinger with adjustability of the stinger length used.

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